Forms and Policies

North Melbourne College has developed its policies and procedures in compliance with relevant government rules, regulations and standards. These will serve as guidance in order to have effective and efficient management and operation within the College, our employees, students and other stakeholders.

Below are some of the policies, procedures and forms for our prospective and current students. Other relevant policies and procedures are available at our College Administration Desk or contact

For Student

Policies and ProceduresForms
Enrollment Policy and Procedure DownloadInternational Student Application Form Download
Access and Equity Policy and Procedure DownloadCourse Credit Application – Business Download
Course Credit Policy & Procedure DownloadRPL Application Form Download
Deferring, Suspending or Cancelling the Student’s Enrollment Policy and Procedure DownloadApplication to Defer / Suspend /  Cancellation of Enrolment Form Download
Complaints and Appeals Policy and Procedure DownloadCourse Credit Application – Automotive Download
Refund Policy and Procedure DownloadStudent Complaints and Appeals Forms Download
Academic Progress Policy and Procedure DownloadRefund Application Form Download
Special Needs/Disability Policy and Procedure DownloadStudent Change of Detail Form Download
Complaints and Appeals Policy DownloadStudent Certificate Request Form  Download
Fee and Refund Policy DownloadStudent Request Form  Download
Student Support Policy and Procedure DownloadUnit completion feedbackForm Jan 2019  Download
Admissions Policy and Procedure DownloadInternational Student Application Form  Download
Course Credit Application – Automotive  Download
International Student HANDBOOK  Download